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Top 25 Nouns and Their Meaning

Thursday, January 6, 2011 @ 07:01 PM
posted by Jo

Top 25 Nouns

A noun is a word used to name a person, animal, place, thing or concept.   Over half the words in the English language are nouns.  Here is a list of the top 25 nouns from the Oxford English Dictionary.


Rank Noun Definition and Example Usage 
1 Time The thing that is measured in minutes, hours, days, years etc using clocks. What time are you going out tonight? 
2 Person A human being, especially considered as someone with their own particular character. He was a very nice person, always pleasant and friendly.
3 Year A period of about 365 days or 12 months, measured from any particular time. We've known each other for over a year. 
4 Way The manner or style in which someone does something or in which something happens. Look at the way he is dressed. 
5 Day A period of 24 hours. We spent three days in Paris. 
6 Thing An idea, action, feeling, or fact that someone thinks, does, says, or talks about, or that happens. The first thing I must do is clean the house. 
7 Man An adult male human. He is a very kind man. 
8 World The planet we live on, and all the people, cities, and countries on it. The Taj Mahal attracts visitors from around the world. 
9 Life The period of time when someone is alive.  You have your whole life ahead of you.  
10 Hand The part of your body at the end of your arm, including your fingers and thumb, which you use to hold thingsHe held the pencil in his right hand.  
11 Part A piece or feature of something such as an object, area, event, or period of timeThe front part of the car was damaged.  
12 Child Someone who is not yet an adult. For a child of five it was a scary experience. 
13 Eye One of the two parts of the body that you use to see with. He's got brown eyes and a cheerful smile. 
14 Woman An adult female person. I was talking to a woman I met at the shop.  
15 Place A space or area, for example a particular point on a surface or a room, building, town, city etc.  The café on the corner is our usual meeting place.  
16 Work A job or activity that you do regularly, especially in order to earn moneyI am not going to work today because I have a cold.  
17 Week A period of seven days and nights.  I am going on holiday for a week.  
18 Case An example of a particular situation or of something happening. There were 16 cases of damage to cars in the area. 
19 Point A single fact, idea, or opinion that is part of an argument or discussion.  That’s a very interesting point. 
20 Government The group of people who govern a country or state. The Government are planning further cuts in public spending. 
21 Company A business organization that makes or sells goods or services. Which company do you work for? 
22 Number A word or sign that represents an amount or a quantity. They wrote various numbers on a large sheet of paper. 
23 Group Several people or things that are all together in the same placeThere was a group of children in the park. 
24 Problem A situation that causes difficulties.  I’ve been having a few problems with my car. 
25 Fact A piece of information that is known to be trueNewspapers have a duty to provide readers with the facts.


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