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"Jo has all the characteristics to be the perfect English teacher: she's patient, kind, clear in explanations, very professional and reliable. Thanks to Jo’s lessons I was able to get a band 8 in IELTS exam and, most important, I considerably improved my speaking and communication skills which are fundamental for my job.

Skype lessons were great for me since I work all day and I haven’t got enough time to move to a school or a private teacher in the evening. Jo was able to arrange a very suitable timetable for me despite the timezone difference.

Studying with Jo was an enjoyable and useful experience."

Gabriele, Italian living in Spain


"I always thought that it is impossible to improve speaking English staying in my own country, but recently I've changed my opinion about that.

I've never realized that sessions with teachers from "English with Jo" service were so efficient for me. Especially I would like to say many thanks to Mary Rose, a teacher I was lucky to study with.

Her professional approach, competency, patience and good sense of humor gave me self-confidence, encouraged me to speak free and with pleasure. We were able to choose topics and discuss the most actual questions regarding all spheres of life.

All in all, I am assured that this kind of study is very efficient for learners and makes their speaking skills stronger.

Strongly recommended!"

Anton, Russia


"Based on my experiences, learning English in a team course is not efficient because I can practice actively only in some parts of the time. At the same time I was always too lazy to spend time with travelling to a personal teacher, even during the winter. Then I heard from one of my friends that learning English online, through the internet is a very good way. It is very convenient and can be done from my home without losing any value. Thanks to the direct video contact, the possibility to share any contents and to chat in written form during the conversation I think there is everything that I need. Only the Skype is required and a microphone. That’s it.

Jo always sends me the topic to discuss for the next lesson with audio or video material and related idioms. Usually we digress from the original topic during the conversation and discuss everything that comes into our minds. I don’t feel any inconvenience during our discussions. Jo is always patient and kind. There wasn’t any occasion when she would have been tired or impatient.”

Robert, Hungary


"I started to practice English with Mary Rose 10 months ago.

It's a very convenient and effective way to improve my English because I save time connecting from my home and speaking with a native and qualified teacher.

Mary Rose is a very good teacher and a very friendly person, you can speak about different topics with her, and she always has new stories to tell you introducing new useful vocabulary to learn.

After the lessons she always sends to me an email with some corrections of the mistakes I made and the audio of the conversation, what I find very helpful.

Now I'm much more confident and fluent speaking English in my job and I hope to continue receiving lessons from English with Jo for a long time."

Alberto, Spain


“After several experiments with different teachers and websites for Learning English online, finally I found a professional website, and qualified teachers.

It is a great experience to take lessons with you Jo. Lessons varied and all topics are interesting.
The feedback during and after each lesson help me a lot to improving my English Language.
These lessons have made significant progress in a short time. Thank you for your hard work.”

Wissam, Saudi Arabia


"I use English daily at work, but in the end you always use the same words and forget vocabulary and normal daily English. I was looking for conversation lessons, but it was tiring after 11 hours out. One of my colleagues spoke about Skype lessons. It sounded like an opportunity, because I could do it at home after work. I searched on internet and found English with Jo. The website looked professional, so I took the risk. It must be serious. I have been having lessons for three years with Mary Rose.

I am very happy and pleased with English Conversation lessons. She sends me the topic before the lesson, hence I could prepare it. We have 45 minutes of nice conversation about the issue dealing with related vocabulary and expressions. After the lesson, she sends a feedback report, which is really useful to improve and correct mistakes.

For me these lessons are the best way to be in touch with English and speak in this hectic world."

Elena, Spain


“Learn English with Jo is easy, nice and customized to your level, above all, the implication of each class and patience.

For me is the best way to learn English, for this reason, I recommend knowing and taking English classes with Jo!



“English with Jo is just perfect!

Being an English teacher and working mum I was looking for a way to have conversations with native speakers on a regular basis and to perfect my English in a flexible and relaxed way. Jo’s excellent website and the simple and easy registration process convinced me immediately so I decided to give it a try.

What I found was more than just the right thing for me. I totally enjoy every single lesson. The carefully and appealingly prepared topics pages are good starting points for meaningful conversations with just the right challenge for any learner. At English with Jo you can be sure to meet people who not only work in a highly professional manner but who put their heart into what they are doing. So last but not least I would especially like to say thank you to my wonderful teacher, Mary Rose, who makes learning English a truly inspiring experience.”

Gerda, Austria


“If you take English lessons with Jo, what will you get?

A nice, easy, and enjoyable way to learn English with a very patient, kind, and professional native teacher who will guide in your learning of this language through different and fun preparation materials and lessons, as well as very useful feedback reports and audio files, making possible you to improve your English skills quickly and easily.”

Diego, Spain

“I don´t have enough words in my own language (Spanish) to describe the quality of Jo´s English classes. She analyzes and prepares the topics carefully depending on your level. Her feedbacks and recordings of the classes are very helpful to realize better my mistakes and her patience and quiet allows you to get more confidence.
With Jo, my English has improved.”

Ignacio, Spain


Hi, since I learn English with Jo, I have improved my English a lot. This is an easy way to learn English, with a highly qualified teacher and very patient. I recommend everyone to learn English with Jo.

Thanks Jo!!

Celia, Spain


Good morning Jo! I really appreciate this site! It is the best site which I have found out! After I began to use your site, I can feel that my English is improving day after day! The idioms and pharases are explained very well, so I can say that your site is awesome! Thank you for helping us! Best wishes

Lara, South Korea


Hi Jo. I like your site . It's amazing fresh start to those who want to learn English. I like the Idiom lessons the most. I wish you the best with all the success that is coming your way.

Saudi Arabia


A wonderful Webside you have.... and I love your English "You Tube" Videos very much... Greetings from Switzerland

Ueli, Switzerland

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