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Pronunciation of ‘V’

Friday, March 25, 2011 @ 03:03 PM
posted by Jo

We pronounce the ''v'' sound by putting our top teeth on our lower lip and blowing air through our teeth.  With this method, we can also make the 'f'' sound but the difference between making the 'v' sound and making the 'f' sound is that with 'v' we use our voice. If you put your hand on your throat, you should be able to feel some movement when you pronounce 'v'.  But when you pronounce 'f' you should not feel any movement.  It is helpful to practice the 'v' sound while looking in the mirror. You should be able to see your top teeth touching your bottom lip as you make the sound.

Video showing the difference between 'v' and 'f'


Here are some dialogues and paragraphs for practicing the pronunciation of the 'v' sound.

Dialogue 1

A: I am going to the village near the river to buy some very tasty vegetables

B: What vegetables will you buy?

A: Seven pumpkins, twelve potatoes and several cucumbers. I might even buy some radishes.

B: When are you leaving to go to the village?

A: In five minutes. I think I will also buy some flowers to go in my new vase.

B: Ok, but don’t forget that we have to vote today. I believe the polls close in five hours. It is vital that we don’t forget.

A: Oh yes, you are right. I never want to forget to vote. I will leave the village in plenty of time.

B: After we vote, I will have a violin lesson. I love playing violin.

Dialogue 2

A: How did you avoid a parking violation?

B: I parked my vehicle in a vacant lot.

A: Don't they ever check there?

B:  Never. Not even in the most severe crackdowns.

A: You're lucky. I've been cited five times.

B: Take my advice. Get a validated parking sticker.

Paragraph 1 

Vivian lives in a wonderful villa in a village in Venezuela. She loves to dive in the lovely sea every day. In her villa in the evening, Vivian jives for five hours.  When Vivian has a lot of visitors she likes to serve twelve appetisers, five main dishes and several of her favourite drinks. 

Paragraph 2

Every February 14th, Vernon and Veronica celebrate Valentine's Day. They leave their worries behind and revisit the place where they fell in love seven years ago.  I believe it is a small cove near the Valley of the Five Ravens.

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