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Pronunciation – Final ‘d’

Saturday, May 7, 2011 @ 04:05 PM
posted by Jo

How to pronounce the 'd' sound

To pronounce /d/, we have our mouth slighly open; we put our tongue behind our top teeth and then move it to release a small puff of air.  We make the exact same movement to make the /t/ sound. The difference is that with /d/ we use our voice (vocal cords are vibrating) and with /t/ we do not.

Practising words ending in 'd'

  • The boy demanded to get satellite TV and broadband
  • I was glad that the blind man enjoyed the concert
  • The boy was sad and cried when he read the story about the tired mermaid who could not find her way home
  • I was glad that my dad decided to buy seafood for dinner
  • The girl ate fried food and drank lemonade at her friend's party
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