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Pronounciation of W

Sunday, July 10, 2011 @ 08:07 PM
posted by Jo

How to Pronounce 'W'

To make the 'W' sound, make your lips round in the shape of a small circle. Then, stick them out enough, so they do not touch your teeth. Keep the back portion of your tongue high in the mouth, but do not let it touch the roof. Push the air out and make sure you feel your vocal cords vibrate. 

Exercises to Practice 'W'

1. Tongue Twisters

Woolen vests for wailing wolves are worn in the vast woodlands.

Wise women don't walk in the woods while wolves wander.

2. Reading Practice

William is a wild and crazy welcome to Vivian's villa. Every event at the villa is a window of wonder for William.  He wheels his wagon, how own very weird version of a BMW, west along the winding roads of the Venezuelan seashore.  While waiting for a welder to repair his car, Wild William wonders if he can wed Vivian.

3. Dialogue Practice

A. I've waited a long time for this vacation.

B. Well, I have too. That's why I want to wander around Mount Vesuvius for a while.

A. Wait a minute. Mount Vesuvius will be a real waste of time.

B. What are you saying?! It's one of the world's most wonderful spots.

A. Why don't we visit Washington or Las Vegas instead?

B. I never want to visit the United States. It's way too expensive.

A. You're right. I wonder what Asia would be like.

B. Asia? Now there's a clever idea.

A. How about Taiwan?

B. Taiwan would be wonderful.

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One Response to “Pronounciation of W”

  1. Julia says:

    Hello Jo!!!

    Let me a suggestion!!!

    Do you believe would it be interesting publish an audio for hearing the pronunciation?

    Best regards,