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Learning Languages

Audio File

Click on the link below to listen to a discussion between two English Teachers about whether their students should speak English to eachother in the classroom.

Speaking English in the Classroom

Speaking English in the Classroom - Transcript

Expressions and Idioms to listen for...

The following expressions and idioms appear in the audio discussion. Make a note of any that you do not know.

"a stern look"

"I figure..."

"brings them down"

"make sure"

"switch back"

Conversation about Learning a Second Language

Here are a just few questions we might ask eachother in a discussion about learning a second language.

If you were learning English in a classroom, would you want the teacher to allow you to speak your native language with your peers? why?

What do you think is the best way to learn a second language?

What do you think is the greatest benefit of learning a second language?

Do you think it is possible to teach yourself a language?

Why do you want to learn or practice English?

Just a fun video about learning another language...

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