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Ever Wondered What It’s Like to Learn Online?

Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 02:05 PM
posted by Jo

Have you ever wondered what it is like to learn online?

For many people, the idea of learning a language online sounds a little bit strange. They wonder how it is possible to have a live lesson on a computer.  Most students who take lessons with our Teachers have been experiencing online learning for the first time. Here, you can read their experiences and learn about the benefits they have been receiving by taking English lessons on the Internet with EnglishwithJo & Team.


"Based on my experiences, learning English in a team course is not efficient because I can practice actively only in some parts of the time. At the same time I was always too lazy to spend time with travelling to a personal teacher, even during the winter. Then I heard from one of my friends that learning English online, through the internet is a very good way. It is very convenient and can be done from my home without losing any value. Thanks to the direct video contact, the possibility to share any contents and to chat in written form during the conversation I think there is everything that I need. Only the Skype is required and a microphone. That’s it.

Jo always sends me the topic to discuss for the next lesson with audio or video material and related idioms. Usually we digress from the original topic during the conversation and discuss everything that comes into our minds. I don’t feel any inconvenience during our discussions. Jo is always patient and kind. There wasn’t any occasion when she would have been tired or impatient."




"After several experiments with different teachers and websites for Learning English online, finally I found a professional website, and qualified teachers.

It is a great experience to take lessons with you Jo. Lessons varied and all topics are interesting.

The feedback during and after each lesson help me a lot to improving my English Language.

These lessons have made significant progress in a short time. Thank you for your hard work."


Saudi Arabia


"Learn English with Jo is easy, nice and customized to your level, above all, the implication of each class and patience.

For me is the best way to learn English, for this reason, I recommend knowing and taking English classes with Jo!





"If you take English lessons with Jo, what will you get?

A nice, easy, and enjoyable way to learn English with a very patient, kind, and professional native teacher who will guide in your learning of this language through different and fun preparation materials and lessons, as well as very useful feedback reports and audio files, making possible you to improve your English skills quickly and easily."




"I don´t have enough words in my own language (Spanish) to describe the quality of Jo´s English classes. She analyzes and prepares the topics carefully depending on your level. Her feedbacks and recordings of the classes are very helpful to realize better my mistakes and her patience and quiet allows you to get more confidence.

With Jo, my English has improved."

Ignacio, Spain


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