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ESL Word of the Day – Promotion

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @ 08:02 AM
posted by Jo


1. A move to a more important job or position in a company or organization. Example: Your promotion to Senior Editor is now official.

2. An activity intended to help sell a product, or the product that is being promoted. Example: We are going to hold a Winter sales promotion.

3. The activity of persuading people to support something. Example: Next month will be the promotion our Summer range of clothes.

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2 Responses to “ESL Word of the Day – Promotion”

  1. azhari says:

    I’m very pleased to learn English through this website. Hope God bless you all for dedication of teaching English.

    • Jo says:

      Dear Azhari,
      Thank you for your kind message and comments. I am glad you are happy with the website and that you find it beneficial.
      Best wishes,