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English Conversation – Technology

Monday, March 28, 2011 @ 12:03 PM
posted by Jo


This is the preparation material for an English Conversation Lesson about Science and Technology. It raises important questions such as: has technology made our lives better? What are the dangers of technology? What changes will technological developments bring to our future? There is a video to watch, some common idioms we use when talking about technology and typical questions we might ask eachother when discussing this subject.

A video to watch about technology

Discussion questions about the video 

  • What feeling did you get from watching the video - did it make you excited or fearful about the future? Why?
  • Do you think the speed of technology advancement is a good thing or a bad thing? 

Key Vocabulary

Here are some common verbs which we might use when talking about technology:

  • Invent - to make, design, or think of a new type of thing
  • Discover - to find someone or something, either by accident or because you were looking for them
  • Analyse  - to examine or think about something carefully, in order to understand it
  • Conclude - to decide that something is true after considering all the information you have
  • Patent - to obtain a special document giving you the right to make or sell a new invention or product

Idioms we might use when discussion technology 

  • Cutting edge – something that is cutting edge is at the forefront of progress in this area.
  • Light years ahead – if something is light years ahead, it is a long way in front in terms of development and success.
  • In the near future – it will happen very soon
  • Time will tell – after some time passes, we will know; we will find out in the future. 

Conversation questions about technology 

  • What are some of the greatest technological achievements of all-time?
  • Overall, do you think technology is a good or bad thing?
  • What is your favourite piece of technology?
  • What are the main ways in which technology has changed society?
  • What are the main technological changes you have seen in your life?
  • Do you think technology has made us more impatient and lazy?
  • What new technology do you think will be introduced in the future?
  • Do you think modern society has become obsessed with technology?
  • Do you always trust technology?
  • Are there any examples where you have experienced something going wrong with technology?
  • What technology is dangerous?
  • What do you think elderly people think of modern technology?
  • How have technological advances affected your life?
  • Do you think modern technology reduces or increases stress? Why?
  • Does the potential that technology has to change the world scare you?
  • How do you think technology will change the world in the next 100 years?
  • How has technology changed education?
  • How has technology changed business?
  • How has technology changed communication?
  • How has technology changed medicine?
  • How has technology changed the way wars are fought?
  • How has technology changed society and everyday life?
  • What are the main advantages of technology?
  • What are the main disadvantages of technology?
  • Do you think mobile/cell phones are bad for our health?
  • What do you think robots should be used for?
  • Do you think robots will cause unemployment (loss of jobs) in the future or make more work? Why?
  • How do you think face to face communication differs from communication using computers?
  • What social changes have cell phones made?
  • What are good and bad points of using computers?
  • Do you think money should be spent to explore space or is it better spent helping people on earth? Why?
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