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English Conversation – Socialising

Thursday, October 4, 2012 @ 07:10 AM
posted by Jo

This is the preparation material for an English conversation lesson about Socialising.  Socialising is spending leisure time with other people and it enables an individual to learn important skills and habits for participating in his or her own society. There are many different ways to socialise, for example, going to a party, joining a club, playing team sports or doing volunteer work. Some people think that social networking online is a good way to socialise because you can communicate with others from all over the world. However, others believe that social networking causes people to lose the ability to communicate with other people in the ‘real’ situations of everyday life.  

Video about Socialising 

  • What do you think about the suggestions for giving socialising opportunities to children who are home-schooled?
  • Do you think children who are home-schooled can develop the same social skills as children who go to regular schools if they follow the advice in this video?
  • What do you think is the best way to gain social skills? 

Vocabulary – types of parties

  • Housewarming party – a party to celebrate a new home
  • Launch party – a party to celebrate the beginning of a new business or venture
  • Fancy dress party – a party where people wear costumes
  • Stag party – a male only party that takes place before a wedding
  • Hen party – a female only party that takes place before a wedding 

Slang Expressions and Idioms

  • To rub shoulders with – to associate with people from a higher class
  • Bash/do/get-together/booze-up – slang expressions for parties or gatherings
  • Party animal – someone who loves going to parties
  • Party pooper – someone at a party who acts miserable or who leaves early
  • Chummy – friendly with someone 

Phrasal Verbs

  • Hang out – to spend time together
  • Chill out – to relax
  • Meet up – to casually meet somewhere/someone
  • Go out – to leave the house and go to some place, usually for entertainment 

Conversation Questions 

  • How do people in your country usually socialise?
  • Do you like socialising or do you prefer to spend time alone?
  • What do you normally do to socialise?
  • What’s your favourite way to chill out?
  • Where do you go to meet up with friends?
  • What are the characteristics of a person with good social skills?
  • What are the characteristics of a person with bad social skills?
  • Do you only socialise on the weekend or during the week as well?
  • Do you usually hang out with a few close friends or many different people?
  • What do you usually do on weekends and weekdays?
  • What do you usually do when you go out?
  • What do you usually do with your friends?
  • How often do you go out?
  • Describe a perfect night spent with friends.
  • When you’re with a group are you outgoing or quiet?
  • Do you socialise with people from your work? What do you usually do?
  • Have you ever hosted a party?
  • Have you ever been to a stag /hen party? What was it like?
  • Do people have housewarming parties in your country?
  • Have you ever been to a fancy dress party? What costume did you wear?
  • Are you a party animal or a party pooper?
  • Do you like to go to booze-ups?
  • Do you think a child that doesn’t have brothers or sisters can develop the same social skills as a child who does?
  • How important is it for children to socialise with other children?
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