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English Conversation – Religion

Friday, November 18, 2011 @ 01:11 PM
posted by Jo


This is the preparation material for an English conversation lesson about Religion.  Watch a video about religion in schools; learn some English idioms, which use religious terminology; and discover the most common conversation questions that people ask each other about this interesting and important subject.

Video about religion

  • What’s your opinion about public schools in American being banned from celebrating one religion over another?
  • Do you think it is good that children are exposed equally to many different religions?

Idioms about religion

  • Come hell or high water – someone says this when they will do something no matter what happens.
  • Cross to bear – if someone has a cross to bear, they have a heavy burden of responsibility or a problem that they alone must cope with.
  • Devil’s advocate – if someone ‘plays the Devil’s advocate’ in an argument, they adopt a position they don’t believe in just for the sake of argument.
  • Heaven only knows – when the answer to a question is not or cannot be known
  • Hope in hell – if something hasn’t got a hope in hell, it stands no chance of succeeding.
  • Move heaven and earth – when someone is determined to achieve something no matter what obstacles they must overcome.

Conversation Questions

  • Is religion important in your country?
  • What is the main religion in your country?
  • Do you think religion helps people to live better lives?
  • Do you think most of the time people choose their own religion or do people’s parents choose it?
  • Do you think that religion in general has had a positive or negative effect on the world?
  • What do you think the world would be like without religion?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of religion?
  • With all the religions in the world, how do we know which one is the right one?
  • If religion is all about love and peace, why are many of the world’s conflicts and wars caused by religion?
  • How does religion give people hope?
  • Do you think there’ll ever be a single world religion?
  • How did religions start?
  • Do you think it is possible for someone to be religious without belonging to any official religion?
  • What can be done to prevent religious extremism?
  • Do you think that religious people are generally happier than non-religious people?
  • In what areas does religion have an impact in your country?
  • Can science and religion agree?
  • When can ‘freedom of religious expression’ become a problem?
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10 Responses to “English Conversation – Religion”

  1. Zainur Suhada says:

    Religion is really import in any country. In Malaysia, the official religion is Islam, so do I. I’m Muslim too. Religion is helping a lot in built our life. In Islam those parents who were the Muslim before and their automatically their children will be the Muslim too. Here, I don’t feel that it is worse but it really good to let our parents choose the best religion for us since we were kids because they know better than us. I don’t think each religion which exist in this world has disadvantages. All of the religion in this world encourage us to do good and react politely. For Muslim too, we are encourage to follow our beloved Prophet. His attitude and behavior. Islam is the way of life. I have to go now. I will submit my comment once you had reply this. Thank you.:)

    • Jo says:

      Hello Zainur,

      It is very nice to read your comments. I visited Malaysia recently, for my honeymoon. It is a very beautiful country.

      I agree with you that every religion encourages people to do good and this is a very positive thing.

      I have many students whose religion is Islam so I have learnt many interesting things about your religion.

      In my country, Australia, some people take the religion of their family and other people choose a different religion for themselves.

      Thank you for sharing your experience.

      Best wishes,


      • Zainur Suhada says:

        Really happy to know that you have been here (in Malaysia)
        I really hope this web will help me to improve my skill in English subject especially.:)

        With love

        • Jo says:

          Thanks Zainur, I also hope that my website will help you to improve your English. Good luck!

          Best wishes,


  2. Cary Fuller says:

    Yes it is very important! Relationship with Jesus…not religion! God Bless

  3. Cary Fuller says:

    A relationship with Jesus is very important Jo! Well in fact it is essential for life eternal! I have been teaching Farsi speaking ESL students in Darwin Australia and have just found your site.

    • Jo says:

      Hello Cary, welcome to my site and thank you for your comments.

      It is nice to meet other ESL teachers. I guess it must be getting hot in Darwin by now!

      Best wishes,


  4. Zainur Suhada says:

    Hello Jo,
    Nice to know that you have been here( in Malaysia). hehe,, Well, if you were here let me be your tourist guide, there are a lot of interesting places to be discovered!!
    with love: Zainur:)

  5. CHRISTIAN says:

    hEY, HELLO everybody!!!

    I am Peruvian, here in my contry the most people are Catholic, but there are a lot of kine of religion!!!

    I guees, that the more important to the life in the person live is the Faith!, sure, the man has borned to give Gloria to God!!!

    And I think too that the parents must give the best to theirs children and this is the faith, they do not must wait or ask their children if they want!!! because they know that this is the best for they…. Then, when they will be adults, maybe they can decided if they want or not…

    Thank you for you web site I love it!!!

    • Jo says:

      Hello Christian,
      It is nice to have someone from Peru here. I plan to visit Peru one day. I have heard many wonderful things about your country. I especially want to visit Machu Pichu.
      Thank you for your comments about religion. They are very interesting.
      Best wishes,