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English Conversation – Regulation & Authority

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 @ 06:10 PM
posted by Jo

Regulation and Authority

This is the preparation material for an English conversation lesson about regulation, authority and the law.  You can listen to an audio discussion between two people about the subject of bribery, learn some common collocations and phrasal verbs and discover how to answer the most common questions about this topic.

Audio Discussion

Download audio discussion about bribes

Download transcript of audio discussion

* Audio courtesy of elllo.org


  • Adhere to standards – we must ensure that the employees adhere to standards
  • Satisfy the requirementswe must satisfy the council’s requirements in order to start the building work.
  • Minimise danger – the purpose of the risk assessment is to minimise danger
  • Breach of the law – if we don’t follow the rules we may be in breach of the law
  • Have an obligation – all department heads have an obligation to read the guidelines carefully.
  • Seek permission If you wish to build an extension to your home, you must seek permission to do so.
  • Granted permission – If your plan is approved you will be granted permission to build.


Phrasal Verbs


  • Stand up to – keep your principles when challenged by an authority
  • Stand up for – to defend or support
  • Comply with – to be in accordance with a request, demand or requirement
  • Abide by - to accept or obey an agreement, rule, or decision

Conversation Questions


  • Do you think your country is overregulated?
  • How can overregulation be avoided?
  • Are there any laws or regulations in your country that you don’t like or think are unfair?
  • Do you think there are times that breaking the law is justified?
  • When do you think it is ok to break the law?
  • Are there any laws or regulations that you think should be stricter?
  • What’s the strangest law you know of?
  • Are there any laws in other countries that you think should be changed?
  • Would you stand up to an authority if you knew it was wrong?
  • Would you stand up for your beliefs and opinions if you felt the government was threatening them?
  • Does your company have to comply with a lot of regulations, such as health and safety?
  • Do you always abide by the law?
  • Have you ever challenged authority?
  • Do you think governments are trying to control rather than regulate society?
  • How can social networking help prevent corruption, overregulation and control by governments?
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