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English Conversation – Natural Wonders of the World

Monday, January 4, 2016 @ 04:01 PM
posted by Jo

naturalwondersVarious lists of “Wonders of the World” have been compiled, which include sites from the past to the present day. They catalogue the world’s most spectacular man-made and natural wonders. In this topic, we are looking at 7 Natural Wonders of the World, a set of spectacular sites in nature across the globe.



Video showing the 7 Natural Wonders of the World

List of the 7 natural wonders

  • Mount Everest in Nepal.
  • Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe.
  • Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.
  • Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  • Northern Lights.
  • Paricutin volcano in Mexico.
  • Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Noun Adjective



Mountain peak


Coral reef









Conversation Questions 

  • Do you think the 7 “natural wonders of the world” are a good choice?
  • Have you been to any of them?
  • Which wonder would you most like to visit?
  • Do you think there are any sites that should be on the list but are not?
  • Are there any sites that you think should not be on the list?
  • Why do you think people voted for these wonders?
  • What other site do you think should be made a natural wonder?
  • What are some natural wonders in your country?
  • Do you think any of the natural wonders are in danger from climate change?
  • Do you think there should be more than 7 “natural wonders of the world”?
  • Is it important to have an official list of the “natural wonders of the world”?
  • What benefits do you think it brings to the country to have a site listed as a wonder?
  • Which would you prefer to see, human wonders or natural wonders?
  • What are the qualities of a site that is considered a “natural wonder of the world”?
  • Why is it important to protect natural wonders?
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