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Email Learning

Email learning is a service which allows you to send me any English question and I will provide you with an answer within 12 hours.  It is ideal for students who are preparing for English exams, for business people who would like me to check over an email they have written or for anyone else who needs help with a particular language point.

How Does it Work?

With email learning, you can send me one English question per email and a maximum of 10 emails per week.  I will answer your question within 12 hours, unless you send me your question on a Saturday, in which case you will receive your answer by Monday. 

Are There Any Questions I Cannot Ask?

You can ask questions covering any area of English - vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling etc.  There is no limitation to the areas of English I cover.  However, the questions must relate to a specific point and not to an entire topic. For example, you could ask me: "Can you check my use of articles in this email?" or "Do I use the definite article 'the' before proper nouns?".  You cannot ask questions such as 'Can you teach me everything about the use of article?' because this is an entire lesson.

How Much Does it Cost?

Email learning is priced at £18 per month.  If you make use of your maximum email allowance, that works out to be less than £0.50 per question.

How Do I Start?

Just click on the 'Buy Now' button below. This will take you to PayPal to make your payment securely. You

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