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Business English – Requests

Wednesday, March 2, 2011 @ 09:03 PM
posted by Jo



Would you (please write up the report by tomorrow)?

Do you (want another opinion)?

Could you (please make a copy of this document for me)?

May I (see the agenda that you have drawn up for the meeting)?

Why don’t we (continue this meeting tomorrow)?

Do you mind (if I bring my partner along to the meeting)?

Would it be possible (for you to complete this by tomorrow)?


Can I (get you a cup of coffee)?

How about (getting together after the meeting)?

Why don’t we (discuss this over lunch)?

Accepting Requests

Yes, of course

I would be happy to


No problem (informal)

Rejecting Requests

I’d rather you didn’t, (I really need the report completed by tomorrow).

I’m sorry but it won’t be possible because (I have a lot on my plate right now).

My apologies but (I won’t be available to meet at that time).

I’m afraid not, (I will be in a meeting until late tonight).

I wish I could but (I am unavailable at that time).

Phrases and Idioms

Write upto write a report or document

Draw upto compile, put together

A lot on my plateto be very busy

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