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Brush up on your Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

Thursday, February 10, 2011 @ 10:02 AM
posted by Jo

Valentine's Day Vocabulary

Ahead of Saint Valentine's Day on Monday, 14th February, brush up on your Valentine's Day vocabulary. These are words that you may hear or wish to use in the coming days.



Word Definition
Valentine's Day February 14th, when traditionally people send a card to someone they love. They may also send flowers, especially roses, or other gifts as a sign of love. Also called St. Valentine's Day.
Valentine Someone you love or think is attractive, that you send a card to on St Valentine's Day.
Admire To be attracted to someone; To look at something or someone and think how beautiful or impressive it is.
Affection A feeling of liking or love and caring.
Devotion The strong love that you show when you pay a lot of attention to someone or something.
Like To enjoy something or think that it is nice or good.
Love To have a strong feeling of affection for someone.
Promise To tell someone that you will definitely do or provide something or that something will happen.
Chocolate A sweet food made with cocoa that you can eat as a sweet or use in cooking to give foods such as cakes a special sweet taste.
Flowers The coloured part that a plant or tree produces before it fruits or seeds.
Card A piece of folded thick stiff paper with a picture on the front that you send to people on special occasions.
Forever For all future time, never ending.
Friend Someone who you know and like and enjoy spending time with.
Gift Something that you give someone, for example to thank them or because you like them, especially on a special occasion.
Romantic Showing strong feelings of love through a gesture such as giving flowers or chocolates or organising a special occasion.
Date An occasion when you go out with someone that you like in a romantic way.
Heart The organ of the body that pumps blood and the part of you that feels strong emotions and feelings.
Adore To love someone very much
Rose A flower that has a pleasant smell and is traditionally given on Valentine's day
Bouquet An arrangement of flowers, especially one that you give to someone.


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