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App Review – Speak Business English I & II

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 @ 10:08 AM
posted by Jo

Speak Business English I & II 

The Speak Business English I & Speak Business English II Apps offer English learners the ability to speak like a professional in the workplace.  If you are unsure what ‘break even’, ‘in the red’ or ‘an educated guess’ mean, then these Apps are for you.  Each Application provides a series of everyday business scenarios, such as talking about a new project, motivating co-workers, talking about company strategy and many more. With each scenario there is a dialogue to read and listen to, with many useful business expressions and idioms throughout.  You can click on each expression to see a definition as well as example sentences.  

One useful feature is the ability to either play the audio one sentence at a time or to listen to the whole dialogue at once.  With this feature you can listen carefully to how the native American speaker pronounces the words and then repeat the phrase back. On the iPhone you can also record yourself reading the text and then play it back, so you can check your pronunciation against that of the native speaker.

After studying the dialogues and expressions, there are two interactive exercises to try – matching and gap fill - with immediate feedback provided.  Finally, there is a glossary of all 195 idioms and expressions taught throughout all the business scenarios in Speak Business English I, and a further 205 idioms in Speak Business English II.

These apps are very useful for anyone who wants to talk like a natural American English speaker in the workplace or in a business setting.

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